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Near North Montessori School Chicago, IL

Welcome to our comprehensive listing of Montessori Schools across the USA. As advocates of the Montessori method, we’ve curated a list that features the most reputable institutions that uphold Maria Montessori’s vision of child-centric learning.

Why Montessori?

Montessori education stands out for its unique approach to holistic learning. Rooted in self-directed activity, collaborative play, and hands-on experience, students in Montessori schools develop:

  • Independence: Encouraging students to take the lead in their learning journey.
  • Critical Thinking: Building a foundation for analytical and inquisitive thought.
  • Global Awareness: Instilling values of cultural appreciation and understanding.

Discover Montessori Schools Across the USA. Our list spans from the bustling cities to the tranquil suburbs, ensuring parents can find the perfect environment tailored to their child’s needs. Whether you’re relocating or seeking the best educational start for your child, our listing is the ultimate resource.

About Near North Montessori School

At Near North Montessori, learning is like breathing. Here, you will not find the traditional lineup of desks in rows, textbooks, and mind-numbing rote memorization. Instead, classrooms are vibrant communities organized by age levels, where students spend three years learning and growing together. The school represents a powerful educational experience, drawing its energy and inspiration from the students, families, and teachers who call this school home.

Near North Montessori School Chicago IL

Why Choose Near North Montessori?

In the classroom and as a community, Near North Montessori takes a purposeful, fearless look at ourselves, our differences, and our connections. The commitment to diversity promotes an environment of respect based on equity and inclusion. This is Montessoaring. What a way to learn. What a way to fly.

Tuition & Fees

For the academic year 2023–2024, Near North Montessori offers a range of programs tailored to different age groups. Tuition is an annual fee, billed monthly for convenience. For more tuition and financial aid details, visit the official tuition page.

Programs Offered

  • Early Childhood
  • Elementary
  • Junior High
  • Urban Farm
  • Sandwich Shoppe
  • Spanish
  • Outdoor & International Education
  • Technology & STEAM

For a detailed overview of the curriculum, you can check the curriculum link.

Near North Montessori Head of School

In July 2023, Angela G. Garcia took on the Interim Head of School role, with a commitment spanning the next two academic years. Angela is enthusiastic about her association with NNM and looks forward to collaborating with the entire NNM fraternity to elevate the institution to its highest potential.

Ms. Garcia, a distinguished educator on a national scale, brings a rich tapestry of over three decades of educational experience to NNM. Previously, Angela was Head of Friends Community School, an independent Quaker institution catering to Kindergarten through 8th grade in College Park, Maryland. Her leadership roles include tenures as the Assistant Head of School at The Fessenden School (MA) and the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys (DC) Principal.

Angela’s teaching journey spans nine years across institutions like William Penn Charter School (PA), Shady Hill School (MA), and Trenton Public Schools (NJ). She also played a pivotal role as the Director of the Lower School at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School (VA). Angela is an alumnus of Brown University with a Bachelor’s degree and has earned her Master’s from the University of Pennsylvania. Additionally, she possesses a certificate in Advanced Educational Leadership from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.

Contact & Additional Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about Near North Montessori or wish to get in touch, here are the contact details:

For more events and happenings, you can review the School Calendar.


Welcome to, your definitive guide to Montessori Schools throughout the USA. As staunch proponents of the Montessori philosophy, we’ve meticulously compiled a directory spotlighting the nation’s most esteemed institutions, each deeply rooted in Maria Montessori’s ethos of child-focused education.

Address & Contacts


1434 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60642


41.90373445, -87.664222667875


Opening Hours


8:25am – 3:30pm


8:25am – 3:30pm


8:25am – 3:30pm


8:25am – 3:30pm


8:25am – 3:30pm



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