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Greetings, I’m Zeynep. As a mother of two incredible children and a professional in content creation and graphic design, my personal and professional worlds merged when I embarked on a journey into Montessori education. This decision wasn’t merely the result of my parental instincts but a deliberate choice to foster a more rounded, child-centric educational environment for my children. Below, you’ll find more about my formal educational endeavors, reflecting my dedication to this cause.

Although my son experiences traditional private schooling, our home is enriched with Montessori principles. The astounding growth and transformation we’ve seen in him speak volumes about this method. And as my daughter prepares to start her schooling adventure, she’ll equally benefit from these enriching principles.

My Professional Endeavors: In addition to my commitment to Montessori education, I have also spearheaded several digital projects, exemplifying my expertise in the digital realm. I invite you to explore these platforms:


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Montessori USA: Guide to Child-Centric Education

At zhshcn.com, our mission is simple: champion the Montessori philosophy. We’ve dedicated ourselves to offering a comprehensive guide to the finest Montessori institutions across the USA, ensuring each embodies Maria Montessori’s vision of child-centric education.

In addition to providing a guide to institutions, we regularly share insightful and useful blog posts aimed at helping parents, educators, and anyone interested in the Montessori philosophy to gain a deeper understanding and practical knowledge of this transformative approach to education. From tips and tricks to deep dives into Montessori principles, our blog serves as a valuable resource for all things Montessori.

About the Program:

I undertook the AUZEF Child Development Program – a distinguished four-year open education undergraduate endeavor. It aims to holistically support children’s multifaceted growth (cognitive, linguistic, motor, self-care, social, emotional), from infancy to adolescence, regardless of their developmental context. I encourage you to delve into the program for an in-depth view.

At zhshcn.com, I aim to provide a melting pot of insights, firsthand experiences, and invaluable Montessori resources that have greatly enriched my children’s development. Montessori isn’t just an educational method; it’s a perspective on child learning. Let’s immerse ourselves in this transformative world of Montessori education, cultivating a community passionate about fueling children’s innate love for learning.