Montessori Children’s House of Hyde Park Address, Phone, Opening Hours

Montessori Children’s House of Hyde Park is a beacon of Montessori education in Hyde Park, Florida. This educational institution, situated in the heart of Tampa, adheres to the principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, embracing a hands-on, child-centric approach to teaching.

Key Takeaways

  • Montessori Children’s House of Hyde Park offers an authentic Montessori educational experience in Tampa, Florida.
  • The school has programs tailored to children aged 3-12 years.
  • Their curriculum fosters independence, critical thinking, and inquisitiveness.
  • Admissions procedures involve a comprehensive understanding of the child’s needs and family background.

Montessori Education: A Foundational Pillar Montessori education, the foundational approach at Montessori Children’s House of Hyde Park, was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. This method emphasizes:

  • Hands-on learning: Providing tangible experiences to grasp concepts.
  • Self-directed activity: Encouraging children to be at the helm of their educational journey.
  • Collaborative play: Cultivating interpersonal skills and teamwork.

Curriculum and Program Overview

Primary Class: Ages 3-6

At this foundational stage, children delve into:

  • Practical Life: Learning everyday skills and tasks.
  • Sensorial: Engaging with multi-sensory exploration tools.
  • Language & Math: Beginning their journey into the world of numbers and words.

Here, you can delve deeper into the primary program’s specifics.

Montessori Children's House of Hyde Park

Lower Elementary: Ages 6-9

Transitioning from the primary phase, children in this age group explore:

  • Ethical discernment: Understanding right from wrong.
  • Intellectual engagement: Moving beyond mere rote learning.

Upper Elementary: Ages 9-12

This phase is about:

  • Understanding their place: In the grand scheme of things, fostering a sense of belonging.
  • Deep academic engagement: In subjects like history, geography, chemistry, math, and more.

Admissions: A Step-by-Step Guide

School Tour & Observations

The admissions journey begins with a school tour, allowing prospective parents to acquaint themselves with the Montessori environment. You’ll experience:

  • Observations of Primary, Lower, and Upper Elementary Classrooms.
  • Introductions to the playgrounds and cafe.
  • A comprehensive discussion on the Montessori method.

Student Application and Screening

This involves:

  • Submitting an application form.
  • A student screening session to understand the child’s unique needs.

For a detailed overview of the screening process, visit this link.

Parent Interview

This 30-minute session allows the school to understand the child’s home environment and answer any questions.

School Acceptance

After the rigorous screening and interview processes, the school decides on the student’s acceptance. This is based on the alignment of the child and parents with the Montessori philosophy and the availability of space.

For those interested, a printable PDF calendar for the academic year 2022-2023 is available.

Montessori Children's House of Hyde Park


Montessori Children’s House of Hyde Park offers a comprehensive Montessori experience tailored to foster holistic development in students. Its well-designed programs and dedicated educators make it one of Tampa’s premier educational institutions. This institution deserves your consideration if Montessori education aligns with your teaching philosophy.


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Address & Contacts


2416 W Cleveland St, Tampa, FL 33609, USA


27.943265142857, -82.484289612245


Opening Hours


7am – 6pm


7am – 6pm


7am – 6pm


7am – 6pm


7am – 6pm


7am – 6pm


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