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Montessori Schools in Chicago: A Comprehensive Insight

Welcome to our comprehensive listing of Montessori Schools across the USA. Today, we spotlight the Montessori Academy of Chicago, a reputable institution that upholds Maria Montessori’s vision of child-centric learning.

Why Montessori?

Montessori education is renowned for its holistic approach to learning, emphasizing:

  • Independence: Encouraging students to lead their learning journey.
  • Critical Thinking: Building a foundation for analytical thought.
  • Global Awareness: Promoting cultural appreciation and understanding.

Montessori Academy of Chicago

Montessori Academy of Chicago: Details and Offerings

About the Academy

The Montessori Academy of Chicago offers diverse programs from Nursery to Middle School in Chicago’s West Loop. With a commitment to excellence, the academy has served families since 2007, growing from just four classrooms to a comprehensive educational institution.

The Montessori Difference

Montessori is a child-centered approach, allowing students to take the lead in their own learning. The Montessori Academy of Chicago is housed in a 48,000 sq. ft. facility, ensuring a conducive environment for learning.

Programs Offered

  • Nursery: Infant to Pre-primary programs.
  • Elementary: Lower to Upper Elementary programs.
  • Middle School: Grades 7 to 8.
  • Enrichments: Art, Technology, Music, Spanish, and Physical Education.
  • Extra-curricular: Classes for ages two and up, including Montessori Model United Nations.

Montessori Academy of Chicago, IL

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is an annual fee billed monthly. It covers various aspects, including field trip fees, student insurance, and special security assessments. For detailed information on tuition and fees, visit the official page.

Calendar and Contact

For the academy’s calendar and upcoming events, visit their calendar page. For inquiries, reach out to:

Montessori Academy of Chicago
1335 W Randolph St Chicago, IL, 60607
Phone: 312.243.0977
Email: [email protected]

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Address & Contacts


1335 W Randolph St Chicago, IL, 60607


41.8837892, -87.660356789782


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