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Early Steps Montessori Academy

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Montessori School in Tampa

As part of our comprehensive directory of Montessori Schools across the USA, we present a detailed overview of the Academy of Montessori International. Like others on our list, this institution upholds the principles and vision of Dr. Maria Montessori, emphasizing child-centric learning.

Montessori Education:

Montessori education is characterized by its unique approach to holistic learning. It emphasizes:

  • Independence: Students are encouraged to lead their own learning journeys.
  • Critical Thinking: The curriculum is designed to foster analytical and inquisitive thought.
  • Global Awareness: The education system promotes cultural appreciation and understanding.

Early Steps Montessori Academy

Early Steps Montessori Academy – Tampa, FL

Welcome to our comprehensive listing of Montessori Schools across the USA. Today, we spotlight the Early Steps Montessori Academy located in Tampa, Florida.

Understanding Montessori Education:

Montessori education is renowned for its distinctive approach to holistic learning. It emphasizes:

  • Independence: Encouraging students to spearhead their learning journey.
  • Critical Thinking: Laying a robust foundation for analytical and inquisitive thought.
  • Global Awareness: Promoting values of cultural appreciation and understanding.

About Early Steps Montessori Academy:

Mission: The academy is committed to offering developmentally appropriate activities in a secure and nurturing environment. This approach encourages children to explore and understand their ever-expanding world, ensuring they are well-prepared for their primary school years and beyond.

Philosophy: Early Steps Montessori Academy believes that children learn optimally through hands-on experiences and by exploring their surroundings. Their early childhood program is meticulously designed to offer a stimulating learning environment that supports every child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. The academy’s primary objective is cultivating a community of explorers, helping children develop self-confidence and independence.

Early Steps Montessori Academy


  • Foster creativity and exploration in children.
  • Provide a rich learning environment.
  • Encourage independence and self-confidence.
  • Assist children in realizing their fullest potential.

Classes and Curriculum:

Nido-Toddler-Primary: Students are actively engaged with the Montessori environment, encompassing content areas such as:

  • Practical Life: Activities that foster independence, motor skills, social skills, and confidence.
  • Sensorial: Establishing a foundation for subjects like mathematics, geometry, and geography.
  • Mathematics: Offering a concrete understanding of numbers, quantities, and the decimal system.
  • Language: A structured phonetic approach to writing and reading.
  • Cultural Studies/Geography: Promoting global awareness and understanding of the universe’s interconnectedness.

VPK Program: The academy is an approved VPK provider in Hillsborough County, emphasizing the importance of nurturing children during their sensitive developmental years.

Kindergarten: As a credentialed private school, Early Steps Montessori Academy offers programs for children up to kindergarten ages.

Location and Contact: Early Steps Montessori Academy is situated at: 10701 Anderson Road, Tampa, FL 33624

For further inquiries or details, you can reach out via: Email: [email protected], Phone: 813-961-7636, Fax: 813-476-7683

In conclusion, the Early Steps Montessori Academy is a testament to the Montessori method’s efficacy, offering a comprehensive educational experience for children in Tampa, Florida. Whether you’re relocating or simply exploring educational options for your child, our listings, including institutions like Early Steps, serve as a valuable resource.

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Address & Contacts


15421 Morris Bridge Rd, Thonotosassa, FL 33592


27.90490133765, -82.846118746804


Opening Hours


7:00am – 6:00pm


7:00am – 6:00pm


7:00am – 6:00pm


7:00am – 6:00pm


7:00am – 6:00pm



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