Community Montessori School Civic Road Campus Tampa Florida Address, Phone, Email, Opening Hours ⏬ 👇

Community Montessori School Civic Campus Tampa Florida

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Montessori schools in the USA, focusing today on the Montessori Academy of Temple Terrace. With over 4,000 certified Montessori schools in the U.S., it’s crucial to understand what sets each one apart. The Montessori Academy of Temple Terrace, located in Tampa, FL, is one such institution that has been providing quality Montessori education since 1970.

Founded on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, this academy offers a holistic approach to education, emphasizing not just academics but the overall development of the child. Montessori education stands out for its unique approach to holistic learning. Rooted in self-directed activity, collaborative play, and hands-on experience. The Montessori method, characterized by its child-centric philosophy, encourages self-discipline, independent thinking, and strong organizational skills.

Community Montessori School Civic Road Campus Tampa Florida

Community Montessori School Civic Road Campus Tampa Florida Fact Sheet


  • Webb Road Campus
    • Age Groups: Toddlers (18 months – 3 years) & Primary Students (3-6 years old)
  • Civic Road Campus
    • Age Groups: Elementary & Adolescent (6 – 15 years old)
    • Facilities: Four buildings on six shady acres, providing ample indoor and outdoor space.
    • Classrooms:
      • Lower Elementary (ages 6 to 9)
      • Upper Elementary (ages 9 to 12)
      • Adolescent Program (ages 12 – 15)
    • Additional Facilities: Business office, development office, and library.

Note: Both campuses are within walking distance of each other.

Mission Statement

In alignment with a century-long tradition of Montessori education, Community Montessori School is dedicated to respecting children as individuals and educating them for peace. The school aims to provide an environment that meets the developmental needs of each age group and nurtures each child’s unique potential in adherence to Montessori principles.

Educational Goals

  • Provide a prepared environment tailored to the developmental needs of each age group.
  • Cultivate each child’s unique human potential.
  • Maintain a warm and secure community atmosphere.
  • Uphold high expectations for quality of thought, work, interpersonal relationships, and mastery of content and skill.

Special Programs and Events

  • Annual Marketplace Event: Held prior to the winter break, the proceeds benefit needy families in the Tampa area.
  • CMS Student Art Show: Curated annually at the Civic Road Campus.

Additional Information

  • The Civic Road campus offers larger classrooms and workspaces to accommodate a broader variety of activities including mathematics, language, science, history, music, and art.
  • Both campuses are planning to embark on a new adventure that will join them together.

For more information, feel free to visit our campuses or contact us directly.

Community Montessori School Civic Road Campus Tampa Florida Staff

The staff at Montessori Preparatory School of Ocala FL is led by Nancy Bowman. Ms. Nancy, the founder and Head of School at Community Montessori School (CMS), is a highly experienced Montessori educator. She received her AMI Primary Diploma in 1976 and trained under Dr. Lena Wickramaratne, a direct student of Dr. Maria Montessori. She also completed adolescent studies in 2005. Ms. Nancy founded CMS in 1989 and served as its Primary Directress until 1996. Over the past 30 years, she has been instrumental in maintaining the school’s commitment to providing an authentic Montessori education for thousands of students.

Community Montessori School Civic Road Campus Tampa Florida Address

The school is located at 8411 Civic Road Tampa, FL 33615.

Reviews and Testimonials

Community Montessori School Civic Road Campus Tampa Florida Reviews

Reviews for CMS (Community Montessori School) are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the school’s nurturing environment, well-trained teachers, and comprehensive curriculum. Parents appreciate that their children are excited to attend school, where they not only excel academically but also learn valuable life skills and community responsibility. Students themselves have praised the school for transforming their attitude towards education, making it a highly recommended institution for holistic child development.

For a more comprehensive understanding of what the school offers, you can visit this page to read more reviews.

Community Montessori School Civic Road Campus Tampa Florida

Additional Information: Community Montessori School Civic Road Campus Tampa Florida

Montessori Preparatory School of Temple Terrace FL Photos

For a visual tour of the academy, you can visit their official website.

Community Montessori School Civic Campus Tampa Florida Fee and Locations

Toddler and Primary
4930 Webb Road Tampa, FL 33615
Phone: (813) 886-2050

Elementary and Adolescent
8411 Civic Road Tampa, FL 33615
Phone: (813) 886-3969

Feel free to reach out to any of these schools for more information!


If you’re considering a Montessori education for your child in the Tampa, FL area, Community Montessori School Civic Campus Tampa Florida offers a comprehensive curriculum and a dedicated staff. For more information, you can visit their official website, or you can reach them through their Facebook page, Instagram or YouTube.


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Address & Contacts


8411 Civic Road Tampa, FL 33615


28.051649897959, -82.395190061224


Opening Hours


8:45am – 3:30pm


8:45am – 3:30pm


8:45am – 3:30pm


8:45am – 3:30pm


8:45am – 3:30pm



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