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Montessori schools have been a cornerstone of educational innovation for over a century, and the United States is home to a significant number of these institutions. Among the 4,000 accredited Montessori schools in the U.S., Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Scott Campus stands out for its long history of quality education since 1970.

Founded on the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, these schools offer a well-rounded approach that extends beyond mere academics to nurture the ‘whole child.’  This approach goes beyond academics to nurture the whole child through self-guided activities, group interaction, and experiential learning.

The Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Scott Campus and Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Lavista Campus are two prominent campuses located in the heart of Decatur. Not too far from there, the Arbor Montessori School Atlanta offers a similar enriching environment for its students, reflecting the core Montessori principles.

Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA - Scott Campus
Montessori bead chain lesson for math in Elementary school classroom

Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Scott Campus: Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Tuition Rates

  • Lavista Campus: Toddler – Full Day: $17,280, Toddler – All Day: $20,930
  • Scott Campus: Toddler – Half-Day: $13,250, Toddler – Full Day: $16,200
  • Primary – Half Day: $11,735, Primary – Full Day: $15,495
  • Lower Elementary: $16,850, Upper Elementary (4th & 5th): $17,250
  • Adolescent Program: $21,995

Enrichment Tuition

  • Contract 3 pm to 6 pm: Monthly: $350, Yearly: $3,150
  • Drop-in (24-Hour Notice): $28, Emergency (Same Day): $33

Early Care and Bus Fees

  • Contract Early Care: $111/month, $1,000/year
  • Bus: $100/month, $900/year

Programs Offered at Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Scott Campus

Toddler Program

Arbor’s Toddler Program focuses on joyful, yet purposeful, learning that fosters independence, creativity, and self-esteem for children aged 18 months to 3 years.

Primary Program

Designed for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years, the Primary program nurtures individual development within the context of a group setting, resulting in self-confidence, joy, and a lifelong love for learning.

Elementary and Adolescent Programs

The Elementary program offers an expansive curriculum to support the curiosity of children aged 6 to 12 years. The Adolescent program, for ages 12 to 14 years, functions as a community of learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support.

Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA - Scott Campus

Additional Services and Features

Outdoor and Athletic Programs

The Outdoor Program is an integral part of Arbor’s Elementary curriculum, designed to provide direct experience with the ecology of the bioregion. The athletic program is available for 5th through 8th-year students.

Auxiliary Programs

Optional classes in subjects such as karate, Lego robotics, chorus, yoga, drama, chess, dance, and soccer are offered throughout the year.

Before & After Care

Arbor’s after-school program, called Enrichment, provides a warm, homelike environment and a continuation of the Montessori philosophy.

Arbor Montessori School Campuses

Arbor Montessori School operates two campuses in Decatur, Georgia, each offering a unique environment while adhering to the Montessori philosophy of education. Below are the details for each campus:

Arbor — Lavista Campus

  • Virtual Tour: A virtual tour of the Lavista Campus is available for prospective parents and students.
  • Office Hours: The administrative office is open from Monday to Friday, between 8:15 am and 3:45 pm.
  • Contact Information:
    • Phone: 404-321-9304, Extension: 222
    • Fax: 404-636-2700, Extension: 222
  • Address: The campus is located at 2998 Lavista Road, Decatur, GA 30033.

Arbor — Scott Campus

  • Virtual Tour: A virtual tour of the Scott Campus can be accessed for those interested in exploring the facilities.
  • Office Hours: The office at this campus is also open from Monday to Friday, but the hours are from 8:00 am to 3:45 pm.
  • Contact Information:
    • Phone: 404-343-2317
    • Fax: 404-343-3584
  • Address: This campus is situated at 1434 Scott Boulevard, Decatur, GA 30030.

Both campuses offer a range of Montessori programs and have their own sets of amenities and features designed to enrich the educational experience of the students.

FAQ Schema Section

What is the tuition for Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Scott Campus?

The tuition varies depending on the program and campus. For example, the Toddler Full Day program at the Lavista Campus costs $17,280 annually.

What programs are offered at Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Scott Campus?

Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Lavista Campus offers Toddler, Primary, Elementary, and Adolescent programs.

Is there an after-school program?

Yes, Arbor Montessori School offers an after-school program called Enrichment.

How can I log in to the Arbor Montessori Family Portal?

You can log in to the Family Portal here.

School Calendars and Programs

For parents and guardians interested in the academic year’s schedule, the Arbor Montessori School Calendar provides a detailed overview of events, holidays, and other important dates. This ensures that families can plan ahead and align with the school’s activities.

Other Notable Arbor Montessori Institutions

Apart from the main campuses, there are other institutions that uphold the Montessori tradition. The Arbor Creek Montessori School and Arbor Creek Montessori Academy are known for their dedicated staff and well-rounded curriculum. For those located in Decatur, the Montessori School Decatur GA and Decatur Montessori School Decatur GA are excellent choices for a comprehensive Montessori education.

Ann Arbor Montessori Institutions

Moving a bit north to Michigan, the Ann Arbor Montessori School and Ann Arbor Montessori Learning Center are renowned for their commitment to fostering independent and critical thinking in their students.


Arbor Montessori School Decatur GA – Scott Campus offers a comprehensive range of programs and services designed to nurture the whole child, from toddler to adolescent. With a focus on Montessori principles, the school provides a well-rounded educational experience.


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Address & Contacts


1434 Scott Boulevard Decatur, GA 30030


33.792100030612, -84.29215422449


Opening Hours


8:00am – 3:45pm


8:00am – 3:45pm


8:00am – 3:45pm


8:00am – 3:45pm


8:00am – 3:45pm



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