Middleton Elementary School Skokie: Advancing Education in the Heart of Illinois

Middleton Elementary School Skokie: Advancing Education in the Heart of Illinois

Middleton Elementary School in Skokie, IL is an institution where education and community intertwine to provide a nurturing environment for children in grades 1 through 5. With a diverse student population, Middleton has tailored educational programs that aim to meet the unique needs of every student. The school’s dedicated faculty emphasizes the development of fundamental skills while fostering a love of learning through various innovative and traditional teaching methods.

Propelled by the support of the Skokie community, Middleton Elementary offers a range of services aimed at ensuring students not only achieve academic success but also grow socially and emotionally. The school’s commitment to building strong family engagement is evident in its frequent communication and collaborative events. As students navigate their formative years, Middleton provides the essential tools and guidance for them to excel both inside and outside of the classroom.

Key Takeaways

  • Middleton Elementary is dedicated to student success from grades 1 through 5.
  • The school offers a supportive learning environment with programs for diverse needs.
  • Community and family engagement are key components of the educational experience.

About Middleton Elementary School

You’ll find that Middleton Elementary School, also known as John Middleton Elementary School, has a rich history within the community and offers a personal welcome from the Superintendent’s Office. Situated in Skokie, IL, this public school is dedicated to providing a solid educational foundation for its young students.


John Middleton Elementary School has been serving the Skokie community, providing education to students from 1st through 5th grade. Throughout its years of operation, the school has been committed to fostering a supportive and dynamic learning environment for its students.

Superintendent’s Welcome

The Superintendent of Skokie School District 73.5 extends a warm welcome to all students and families of John Middleton Elementary School. Expressing pride in the school’s achievements, the Superintendent reaffirms the district’s commitment to excellence in education and the well-being of each student at the school. For more detailed information, you can read the Principal’s Welcome.

Educational Programs

Middleton Elementary School in Skokie provides a comprehensive approach to your child’s education with a focus on tailored learning and support programs. Each initiative is designed to cater to various learning needs and academic goals.


Your child will experience a diverse and rigorous curriculum at John Middleton Elementary School. Core subjects are aligned with educational standards to ensure a solid foundation in essential academic areas. Special focus is placed on literacy and numeracy skills, with the inclusion of science, social studies, and the arts to promote a well-rounded educational experience.

Extending Learning Program (ELP)

For students excelling in their academic endeavors, the Extending Learning Program (ELP) challenges them beyond the core curriculum. This is to ensure that high-achieving students continue to engage and grow through work that stimulates critical thinking and deeper exploration into subjects.

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

Middleton implements a robust Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), a layered approach to help every student succeed academically and emotionally. It starts with quality, differentiated teaching in the classroom and extends to targeted interventions for students who may be struggling, ensuring comprehensive support.

Standards-Referenced Grading

With Standards-Referenced Grading, your child’s progress and proficiency are measured against predefined benchmarks. This transparent grading system provides clear feedback on your child’s strengths and areas for improvement, focusing on their growth and mastery of the curriculum.

Through these programs, Middleton Elementary School empowers each student with the skills and knowledge for their future educational success.

School Performance


John Middleton Elementary School demonstrates a strong academic environment through its test scores and rankings. Your understanding of the school’s performance is essential in evaluating its educational quality and achievements.

Assessment Reports

In the realm of Assessment, John Middleton Elementary School shows promising results. Math proficiency at the school is commendable, with students achieving scores that place them within the top 50% in Illinois. When you look at reading proficiency, the students perform even better, securing a spot in the top 30% statewide. These achievements reflect a concentrated effort in core academic subjects.

School Rankings

Considering School Rankings, John Middleton Elementary has been placed in the top 30% of all schools in Illinois. This indicates that compared to other schools, your child will be attending an institution with a proven track record for fostering academic success. When you compare this to the state average, the school’s performance is a clear indicator of its commitment to academic excellence.

Student Services and Support

Your child’s educational experience at Middleton Elementary School is supported by comprehensive services and programs designed to address a wide range of needs. These services encompass academic, socio-emotional, and physical health support, ensuring each student can thrive in a nurturing environment.

Health Services

Middleton Elementary School offers Health Services to manage and support your child’s health needs during school hours. A qualified school nurse is available to administer first aid, manage chronic health conditions, and oversee medication administration as per school policies. The school nurse also plays a vital role in health education, helping students to understand the importance of good health practices.

  • First Aid and Emergency Care: Immediate response to illness or injury
  • Medication Administration: In accordance with a doctor’s instructions
  • Chronic Health Management: Asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc.
  • Health Screenings: Vision, hearing, and growth assessments
  • Immunization Compliance: Ensuring students meet state requirements

Restorative Practices

Middleton Elementary School embraces Restorative Practices to build a community of respect and responsibility. This approach seeks to repair harm through inclusive dialogue, bringing together all parties affected by a conflict. The goal is to develop empathy and understanding, rather than resorting to traditional punitive measures.

  • Behavior Response Protocol: Strategies to address and correct misbehavior
  • Conflict Resolution: Guided discussions to understand different perspectives
  • Peer Mediation: Empowering students to resolve disputes amicably
  • Support Circles: Safe spaces for sharing experiences and emotions

For Students Experiencing Homelessness, the school provides stability and support, recognizing the challenges they may face. Your child’s right to an uninterrupted education is a priority, and additional resources are available to assist in maintaining educational consistency.

English Language Learners (ELLs) benefit from tailored support aimed at enhancing English proficiency while valuing their native languages and cultures. This support helps ELLs to fully participate in classroom activities and curriculum.

In addition, children who qualify for Special Education services receive personalized instruction based on their Individualized Education Program (IEP), ensuring access to the curriculum in the least restrictive environment. Collaboration between special education staff, teachers, and families is key to optimizing your child’s learning experience.

Community and Family Engagement


Active participation in your child’s education is essential, and John Middleton Elementary School provides several opportunities for you to engage with the school community. Here’s how you can get involved and what you need to know about key engagement points.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

At John Middleton Elementary School, parent-teacher conferences are a pivotal way for you to stay informed about your child’s progress. These meetings offer a platform to discuss your child’s achievements and areas for growth. Conferences are typically held twice yearly, and you will receive notification in advance, allowing you to schedule a convenient time for these important discussions.

Registration Information

Registration is your first step to becoming part of the school community. You will find detailed registration information for John Middleton Elementary School online. When enrolling your child, you’ll need to present proofs of residency and complete all necessary forms. Stay tuned to the Community Bulletin Board for updates on the process and for upcoming District Events at both Elizabeth Meyer School and Oliver McCracken Middle School.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering John Middleton Elementary School, you likely have questions about its academic offerings, school rankings, and extracurricular activities. Below you’ll find answers to common inquiries, providing a concise overview.

What academic programs are available at John Middleton Elementary School?

John Middleton Elementary School provides a variety of programs for students from 1st through 5th grades, focusing on self-contained classes for core subjects. Special programs and resources are also available to support the diverse learning needs of all students.

How can I find contact information for the staff at Middleton Elementary School?

To find specific staff contact details, you can visit the John Middleton Elementary School website where you can access information on how to reach teachers and administrative staff.

What is the school calendar for District 73.5 for the 2023-24 academic year?

The 2023-24 school calendar for District 73.5, which includes John Middleton Elementary School, details important dates such as start and end of school year, holidays, and parent-teacher conferences. This information can typically be found on the district’s official website.

How does John Middleton Elementary School’s ranking compare to other Skokie schools?

John Middleton Elementary School stands out as above average, ranking within the top 30% of public elementary schools in Illinois. Students demonstrate strong academic proficiency as noted in public education reviews.

What extracurricular activities does Middleton Elementary School offer?

Middleton Elementary School offers a range of extracurricular activities designed to enhance student experience beyond the classroom. These can include arts, sports, and various clubs. Specific offerings can be found by contacting the school or visiting their website.

When was John Middleton Elementary School established?

The establishment date of John Middleton Elementary School provides context for its history and traditions within the community. This information may be accessed through the school’s administrative offices or by inquiring directly at the school.

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